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rocket Custom Web3 Solution

SW3 has got all your Web3 needs covered.
From NFT collections, DAO, soulbound tokens, to minting dapp and building a staking platform, we provide tailored and optimized ERC721A, ERC1155, ERC20 smart contracts for your projects. On top of that we offer auditing services for that extra peace of mind.

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puzzle Consulting Services

SW3 offers strategic, business and technichal advising to bridge the gap between you and your dreams. Our experts in strategy, tech and business can provide guidance in sales, marketing, business plans and internal processes to ensure your success. We can operate on every aspect of your Web3 project ranging from DApp conception, supply, tx, to items and wallets as well as marketing strategies.

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Tokenomics refers to a full and comprehensive set of elements such as functionnalities, utilities, token metrics, supply and demand, protocols, flow charts, simulations and game designs relying on tokens. A tokenomics covers every aspects of a cryptocurrency and provides a deep understanding of its possibilities and usage.

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Tokenomics Advisor

Designing a perfect token requires complete financial and economic planning.
Many cryptocurrency projects fail due to a lack of critical planning.

At SW3, we offer comprehensive tokenomics services to make your project a success.

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Tokenomics Setup

Our team handles the complete development of your project's economic model.

We provide a range of services, including :

  • Tokenomics design,
  • modeling and estimation of token price and benefit,
  • governance roadmap,
  • creation of DAO,
  • token price sensitivity analysis,
  • liquidity pool setup,
  • and sensitivity analysis.
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Tokenomics review

We offer an audit of your existing tokenomics model in 6 points :

  • Numerical setup,
  • token utility,
  • value drivers,
  • incentives,
  • governance setup,
  • long term sustainability.

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